Preparation "Humistim".

Preparation "Humistim " contains all the components of vermicompost in the dissolved state; humins, fulvoacids, vitamins, natural phytoharmones, micro- and macro-elements as bio-accessible organic combinations and spores of healthy soil microorganisms. Fungicidal and bactericidal features of the preparation are stipulated by the presence of natural fungicides and antibiotics secreted by the micro-flora of bowels of an earthworm in the process of vermicultivation.
"Humistim "- a complex of the natural environmentally pure and safe stimulators of growth for the development of the plants. Its usage positively influences the processes of growth, exchange and photosynthesis to help the increase in the agricultural crop. The preparation possesses the following features:
- raises the germination and energy of sprouting of seeds;
- stimulates the formation of roots;
- helps to speed up the implanting of cuttings;
- stimulates the grow and speeds up the development of the plants;
- decreases the content of nitrates in the vegetables and fruits;
- prevents the entrance of heavy metals and radio-nucleids into the plants;
- increases the content of sugar, proteins and vitamins;
- removes the chlorosis and stimulates blowing and fruiting;
- strengthens the resistance of plants to the diseases;
- increases the quality of the crops and prolongs the time of its storage;
- the crops of full value ripen 2-3 weeks earlier of the time.
In the result of the field testing held by different agricultural science-research institutes of Russia and agricultural enterprises the high efficiency of preparation application with cereals and leguminous plants is defined. The only treatment of seeds before the sowing in the dose 10 litres per ton increased the wheat capacity by 1.6-2.8centers per hectare; barley capacity -by 5.7 centers per hectare. The treatment of plants in the phase of 3-5 leaves and in the phase of forming the ears in the dose 6 litres per hectare stimulated the growth of plants which provided the grain crop increase up to 10 centers per hectare; sunflower- up to 7 centers per hectare; corn grain - up to 40 centers per hectare. At the insertion both of mineral fertilizers and the preparation the efficiency coefficient of the usage by plants the nutrient substances from the environment goes up.
According to the data of the field experiments the highest economic effect was received by the usage of the half of the recommended dose of NPK together with the preparation (5 litres per hectare) inserted at the phase of bushing out. The increase of barley corn was 9.2 centers per hectare.
According to the data of Institute of Phyto-pathology the preparation oppressed the dry spot disease and other diseases of potato plants by 60-100%. It oppresses the pathogene of snow mould, gray rot, pathogene deseases of cereals by 100%, root mould - by 44-60%
"Humistim" is a brown dark liquid without smell. The preparation has a weak - alkali reaction (pH 7.5-9.0). Its application in the agricultural practice is environmentally safe as for the people, so for the animals , soil micro-flora and micro-fauna.
This preparation is applied for the root treatment of plants. The spray of the plants with "Humistim" deluted with water prevents the different diseases of plants.
The prepration application is effective at the growing of tomatoes and cucumbers at the shelted soil and also at the growing of potatoes, cereals, leguminous plants, beetroot, carrot and other cultures.



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