photo Panax ginseng C.A.Mey.
photo Panax ginseng C.A.Mey.


One of the most valuable gifts of mother – Nature is ginseng. Thousand years ago there appeared the legends about the miraculous effect of the “root of life”. But even these legends belittle the medicinal “properties of ginseng”.
Ginseng is a perennial plant of aral family. It is a representative of the Far East natural flora and it is will known to the East medicine for 4 thousands years.
Hans Selye, the scientist from Canada, has ascertained that at any harmful influence on the human organism – either it is a poisoning, burn, surgical intervention or even sufferings of psychological character – at any case within the first 48 hours (stress stages) the human organism responds with the same stress reaction. It means that there is such a universal reaction, which is the same for any disease. The accelerated adrenal cortex hormones production and throwing them out in to the blood raises all protective forces of organism for the struggle with the injuring effect. Stress reaction requires the enormous energy and plastic expenditure. In this period all functions, which are not decisive in the struggle for organism survival, are depressed, metabolism changes take place, the patients loose their appetite and weight, become pale, week, etc. Stress reaction in principle is a positive phenomenon, but it is a heavy burden for a patient. Very often the separate organs which earlier had the organic or functional disorder can not diseases recommence, gastritis is intensified, stomack ulser, hypertension, etc. appear. In such critical conditions organism often fails. There fore the positive character of stress reaction is relative. O.I. Kirilov, a scientist and a doctor, in his book “Experience in pharmaceutical regulation of stress” has argued, that the stress reaction can be regulated and none other then ginseng. If there is a stress reaction ginseng glycosides contained in the body cells are spent for the production of self protection hormones, which substitutes the muscle power expenditure. Ginseng is effective at many diseases. It works not specifically, through organism and increases its general resistibility irrespective by of any harmful influence. It doesn’t exclude the parallel use of specific medicines, but on the contrary supposes it. This is a very important property of ginseng.
Ginseng preparations increase the mental and physical abilities, improve sleeping, take the noise away from the ears, improve the vision. Due to is tonic effect ginseng is a very valuable remedy for those who went through the long heavy decease and is at the post operational period. It is noted that ginseng can increase the hemoglobin in the blood of practically beaethy people and to accelerate the recovery of sick people who had anemia.
Due to the dose ginseng can stimulate or calm the cortex, regulate the nuclein acid and protein metabolism, help to renew the tissues, improves the assimilation of nutrient substances. In prevents the excessive deposition of fat in liver.
There are good results of its application at myocardio-dystrophia and nervous diseases. It reconstructs the nervous cells.
Ginseng is not only stimulating and tonic remedy for organism, but first of all it is an adaptive remedy (that is the remedy to improve the protective strength of organism).
Recently in the North Korea there where received the data that Korean ginseng is contrast to the other remedies protecting from the outer irradiation provides the protective action against the inner irradiationium, phosphor and other radionucleids.
Ginseng promotes to the full coming of incorporated in the osseous tissues strontium-90 out of organism and also other radionucleids that is obviously connected with more infensive calcium metabolism in osseous tissues, provoked by ginseng. The protective effect becomes to gamma-irradiation, but it is post introduction.
Ginseng introduction after gamma-irradiation increases the survival, slows down the loss of a body mass and the decrease of erythrocytes quantity, normalizes the content of hemoglobin, reticulocytes, leukocytes in blood and prevents the radiation diseases.
Ginseng is small doses slightly increases the blood pressure level, but in large doses it decreases the blood pressure of different kinds of animals. Under the influence of ginseng preparations the intensification of the amplitude of the heart systoles and more pore heart rhythm are observed.
Ginseng preparations are used as tonic and stimulating remedy for the treatment and preventive effect to different diseases of the central nervous system; increase the efficiency and the resistibility of organism to the stress situations, to the unfavorable environmental influence.


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