photo red californian worm

Red Californian worm - length up to 10 cm., diameter 3-5 mm, body weight about 1 g, next generation appears on the 21st day, sexual maturity oncoming on the 90-120th day. Two worms posterity amounts up to 1,5 thousands zooids a year. The population doubles each 40 days. The worm’s period of life is about16 years. The worm processes organic wastes via its intestines, decomposes, digests and transforms them to the Coprolit (Biohumus).

Worm biomass contains the whole complex of biologically active substances and is used fresh and processed for feeding of all types of fish and animals. Feeding value increases by 20-25% when the worm biomass is added. The worm is processed into the protein flour with 67%of protein and 20% of fat5 content. Except other amino acids the flour contains especially valuable methionine –3% and lysine-8%. Protein flour is most effective in production of mixed feed as an additive.


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